Article in “Alt om Data”

Last year i did an interview with Palle Vibe that works for the magazine “Alt om Data”, here are the efforts (its in danish)

It is always interesting to see how different people and journalist interpret your research. There is always a new angle and perspective, which makes it worth while and interesting to do these interviews 🙂

(click on the image to read the article)

Alt om Data – Nu har COMPUTEREN følelse for MUSIKKEN

Big data talk on YouTube

Here is the talk i gave back in December at the DTU Alumni event about Big data (its in Danish). Its on a somewhat “high level” meaning most people should be able to follow and only digging in to details on occations.

People were very passive with responses during the talk, so i kept repeating things, just to be sure that people were following 🙂

I did experience some technical problems regarding the pointer, so you will see me really moving a lot on the stage.