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Public appearances news – Music can synchronize listeners’ brainwaves

Industry reporter – Music Directly Affects Brain Waves and Synchronizes Listeners

The Sydney Morning Herald – Music makes your brain hum in perfect harmony with fellow listeners

Psychology today – Fresh Music Captivates Our Minds by Synchronizing Brainwaves

CCNY news – Music captivates listeners and synchronizes their brainwaves

CUNY snapshot – Online learning

Musik giver bedre hverdag til mennesker med demens

Nu har COMPUTEREN følelse for MUSIKKEN

Radio24syv –  AK 24syv 11.05.2015

Ingeniøren – DTU forsker bag matematisk model der kan finde følelserne i musikken – følelser i musikken sat på formel – Matematik kan tilpasse playlisten til dit humor – Mathematician will regulate your emotions with music – Algorithm to find your favorite tracks?

DTUavisen – Algorithm to find your favorite tracks?