1 Year in New York working in Parra lab at the City College of New York

In late 2017 i took the jump, from working in safe little Denmark to work in New York city at the City College of New York. From a lab that was focused on machine learning and modelling to a lab that goes from question, designing an experiment, collecting data, modelling and answering those questions (full cycle). Which has been a welcomed challenge.
I have been warmly welcomed in the lab by Prof. Lucas Parra and all the people working in the lab. It has been a big change, both in working environment (things are different in the US) but also the new field i am working in. From worrying about features, models etc. to now doing Neural Engineering working with EEG, ECG and eye tracking.

I have been hired in the NSF funded project “Assessing student attentional engagement from brain activity during STEM instruction”. Here we are exploring how to assess both the efficacy of different teaching styles in online education and different physiological measures to assess the attentional engagement of students. I have been hired for a 3-year postdoc and i am looking forward to the challenge. I will keep you updated with progress 🙂

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